Objectives Presentation Skills

As with all courses offered by Inside Out USA participants first learn all the basics of communication. Once that foundation has been created the trainer will build a solid structure of skills which the participants can rely on well into the future.

However, it is advisable that participants attend a follow-up course every year to refresh their knowledge and to remain on top of their skills.

Our most important personal objectives:

·    Communication skills

·    Listening skills

·    Identifying the audience and counterparts

·    Identifying body language

·    Dealing with group interaction

·    Dealing with interruptions

·    Staying in control


Our most important cognitive objectives:

·    Knowledge and use of structures

·    Knowledge and use of techniques


Every aspect of theory, technique and advice will be turned into instant role play to give the participants the opportunity to practice their skills in a variety of presentations. Exercises will be video recorded and will be evaluated after each session.

By means of continuously ‘doing it’, all participants will improve immediately. They will also help each other improve, while rehearsing the assignments. Our trainers will leave no question unanswered and will assist wherever necessary.


After completion of the program our trainers will remain available for online assistance for one year after graduation. 


The courses on Presentation Skills teach more than just ‘presentations’. They prepare participants for all kinds of ‘public’ speaking, officially, as well as socially.


Regardless of the size of the audience our graduates will be well prepared to make dynamic presentations that will be powerful and memorable.


The taught skills will also enforce company’s employees who have to train their own colleagues. In that case, we will tailor this course to a TRAIN THE TRAINER course.

Detailed Program

Presentation Skills

In these featured courses, all participants will be continuously active from the moment they enter class

on day 1, until they leave with a certificate  on day 3.


Inside Out USA offers the following programs:

  • Introductory program, in which basic communication skills and structures are being taught;

  • Advanced program, in which special skills and occasions are addressed, e.g.:

    o  Persuasive presentations

    o  Annual meetings

    o  Media encounters

    o  ‘Bad news’ announcements, etc.

  • Train the trainer, in which your company’s facilitators will be taught how to enhance the skills of your employees.

The programs have the same set up:


three consecutive days of

continuous practice in situational






Prep. time:

2 hours; all participants will be

asked to prepare two small

presentations in advance. Details

will be sent through email.


The assignments will be adjusted to the work environment of the participants. All personal progress and skills will be evaluated during each class. 

To optimize results, the group will be split into teams which will work in break-out rooms. In doing so everyone will get to practice their skills several times every day.


A company certificate will be awarded upon completion of the course.

Trainer’s fee: $ 1,500.00 per day for 1 to 6 participants; $ 1.750.00 for 6-9 participants. This includes all materials, but this does not include taxes, hotel and travel expenses.

Inside Out USA’s terms and conditions apply on all our programs.