Inside Out was founded 25 years ago by DR. Kathy S. ten Broeke-Knell, who is an experienced teacher, professor, trainer, coach and scientist in the field of communications. After graduating in languages and mathematics, she went to the University of Amsterdam, where she obtained a Doctoral Degree in Linguistics, Italian, and some Post Doctoral Degrees in psycho linguistics, pedagogy and didactic; argumentation techniques; psychology; mass communications and business communications.

She speaks a few languages: fluent in Dutch, English, German, Italian and has basic knowledge of French and Spanish (a bit 'rusty' as she will call it).  Kathy wrote and published several studies on communication and argumentation techniques; history reports; speeches; songs (6 of them turned 'gold'); documentaries and television program scripts.

After founding Inside Out she became a dedicated trainer and coach of many grateful international participants of the various courses she created. Her ability of motivating and stimulating has helped many to improve their skills and career opportunities. She teaches and trains using her no-nonsense direct approach, which she calls the Dutch touch.

Inside Out USA’s headquarters (formerly known as Inside Out bv) were based in the Netherlands for about 20 years, but moved to the USA a few years ago after Kathy and her American husband decided to live permanently in the USA. With an office in Fairburn, Georgia and Carlsbad, California, Inside Out USA is now helping out many American companies to get that global perspective on business communications.

Our specialists share the same philosophy: mutual respect through understanding international business and social communication. With this small group of motivated and specialized free lancers Inside Out USA, offers companies worldwide its special “toolboxes” from which participants can take whatever tool they need, to get the specific “job” done, the proper and successful way.


Apart from the many internal publications, Inside Out USA´s CEO wrote a book about Business and Social Etiquette in which she gives many great advices and tips on ´how to do business in Western Europe the proper way.

Note, that the etiquette information doesn’t only apply to Western Europe, but in fact is acknowledged and used in practically the whole Western World. However, the typical mannerisms and customs of 17 West European Countries are specified in this latest publication: West European Business and Social Etiquette.

You can order the book through Inside Out USA, just send us an email, and we will mail you the details of payment and the book. In a bookstore the book will cost you $47.50, but if you go through us you will only pay $ 35.00 excl. shipping.

This is an astonishing instructive book that guides readers toward “doing business successfully.” This book describes business and social etiquette of 17 West European countries: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Ignorance may cause very uncomfortable situations, missed opportunities or even embarrassment. To avoid all of that while doing business in Western Europe, some useful guidelines will tell you how to behave the “proper” way according to the local or national etiquette of the places by country and even by region in Western Europe, but there are general guidelines that can help make you feel more at ease while doing business or when socializing.

When you treat people with respect and you behave in a correct way, you create a pleasant atmosphere whether it concerns a business environment or a social one. That is what it is all about: respect the people around you and try to adjust  as much as possible when you are a guest in another country. However, always expect the unexpected.

In this book you’ll find guidelines regarding major topics in business from the first meeting until the deal is closed and everything in between. Apart from the YES and NO pages of each country, the book provides you with some general information about the country, headlines of its history and its business profile. In addition to that you find humoristic anecdotes describing experiences in specific countries of how things can go totally wrong (unintentionally). It also gives you practical tips that might help you meet the needs of your business counterpart.

Some useful checklists on specific business situations, such as preparing presentations, agendas and pointers on how to tackle specific behavior will guide you along the way toward doing business successfully. The funny anecdotes about some embarrassing situations might even put a smile on your face.